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Are you a developer, a geek, a techie or a marketer with no formal design training? Do you need to design digital (and analogue) products on a daily basis? Are you constantly getting frustrated and wish you knew more about design?

You're in the right place.

No-nonsense practical design education for geeks who want to build better-looking websites that convert.

You need to create web pages and other designs for your clients every day – but you're not a trained designer, and the struggle can get real. You know what the difference is between a website that's well-designed, effective, profitable and with good UX – and one that isn't.

Even so, you find it hard to put it into words and explain to your clients why their suggestions won't work – and even harder to put it into practice.

I'll let you in on a secret: you don't need to be artistic or a creative to design superb websites with great UI and UX.

And the best part is – you can follow a step-by-step process that takes out the need for guesswork.

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Gathering all the talks, webinars, interview, articles in one place

“I watched Piccia’s London Wordcamp talk in London and it was the highlight of the conference.”


Hi, I’m Piccia Neri.

I've been a practicing designer for over 2 decades, working with major cultural institutions as well as top London agencies on global brands. At some point I led the creative direction of the design department at the British Film Institute, London. And I found myself vice-president of the Chartered Society of Designers (UK) from 2013 to 2016.

Now I run my own global web, UX & design consultancy agency from Spain. What I love doing the most is educating developers, designers, techies and marketers as well as clients on UX and design, running workshops and courses, and speaking at conferences internationally.

These days I am an ambassador for Cloudways: you can often find me hosting webinars on tech topics or mental health, and giving UX and UI reviews with my colleagues Jan Koch and Lee Matthew Jackson. I also often give talks around the world, although in the new world order they've mostly shifted online.

Helping out the community

When I moved to designing on the web, I noticed that there are so many of us who find themselves building digital products without any UX or design background.

So I started Design for Geeks in order to help developers, techies, marketers, designers from a print background and geeks in general learn how to design great websites that convert.

It all came about when I started talking on design topics at WordCamps and other conferences for geeky types who work on the web. They all asked for more – and they all told me that up to then, they were convinced that you need to be creative or an artist in order to be a good designer.

I call BS to that – loud and clear.

Piccia talking about Gestalt at WordCamp London, April 2018

I also know what the struggle feels like: I've been a practicing designer for over two decades, but I was never trained as a designer – I'm an art historian.

My courses, talks and articles are the information I wish had existed when I started working as a designer, when all I could find that wasn't a university degree were only courses about the tools, such as Adobe Suite.

But being skilled at the tools doesn't make you a designer. And I didn't want a degree.

Neither do you: you just want practical design help that gives you a clear path to victory. And you also want to be able to justify your choices to your clients, beyond gut instinct or taste.

And perhaps, just perhaps... also so that you can shut up all those design snobs that keep telling you can't be a designer because you're not artistic.

“Piccia is such an expert in design and UX principles, and I think she must have been a teacher in another life..”

Chris Castillo


A few of the podcasts that Piccia Neri of Design for Geeks has been invited to talk about design on.

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