Where non-designer geeks go to learn how to design better websites.

Are you a developer, a geek, a techie or a marketer with no formal design training? Do you need to design websites and other things on a daily basis? Are you constantly getting frustrated and wish you knew more about design?

You're in the right place.

No-nonsense practical design education for geeks who want to build better-looking websites that convert.

You need to create web pages and other designs for your clients every day – but you're not a trained designer, and the struggle can get real. You know what the difference is between a website that's well-designed, effective, profitable and with good UX – and one that isn't.

Even so, you find it hard to put it into words and explain to your clients why their suggestions won't work – and even harder to put it into practice.

I'll let you in on a secret: you don't need to be artistic or a creative to design superb websites with great UI and UX.

And the best part is – you can follow a step-by-step process that takes out the need for guesswork.


Dave Toomey


"I’d been a fan of Piccia's for a while when I attended her talk on Gestalt at WordCamp London 2018. I love her view on design – and what’s more, she comes at it from the eye of a developer which means she's a great person to learn from.

Make sure to be on the live webinars and courses to get the most from her awesomeness."

Design for Geeks is for you if:

You are a marketer who understands the importance of good design and UX to create leads and generate conversions

You are not a trained designer, but you build page layouts and visual elements for yourself and your clients and feel the need to have more control and understanding

You are a trained designer but you haven't worked much on the web and you need web-specific UX and UI guidance, as well as accessibility and usability tips

You are a techie and you've been building sites for years, but often struggle with 'inspiration' when all you'd need are some design foundations

You are a developer who would like to step out and become a more rounded professional, as well as be able to give your clients reasons for your design choices

You understand that design is not just about making things pretty and would like to make sure your users get the best possible experience

Hi, I'm Piccia Neri.

I started Design for Geeks in order to help developers, techies, marketers and geeks in general learn how to design great websites that convert.

It all came about when I started talking on design topics at WordCamps and other conferences for geeky types who work on the web. They all asked for more – and they all told me that up to then, they were convinced that you need to be creative or an artist in order to be a good designer.

I call BS to that – loud and clear.

And I prove it in my talks and in my courses.

I also know what the struggle feels like: I've been a practicing designer for over two decades, but I was never trained as a designer – I'm an art historian.

My courses, talks and articles are the information I wish had existed when I started working as a designer, when all I could find that wasn't a university degree were only courses about the tools, such as Adobe Suite.

But being skilled at the tools doesn't make you a designer. And I didn't want a degree.

Neither do you: you just want practical design help that gives you a clear path to victory. And you also want to be able to justify your choices to your clients, beyond gut instinct or taste.

And perhaps, just perhaps... also so that you can shut up all those design snobs that keep telling you can't be a designer because you're not artistic.

Join the conversation in the Design for Geeks Facebook group: it's a dynamic and engaged community with zero judgement and much design fun.

Piccia talking about Gestalt psychology and Design Thinking at TYPO3 Developer Days conference in Düsseldorf in June 2018. Unfortunately, audio only starts at 16 minutes in!

For Spanish speakers: Piccia talking about Gestalt at WordCamp Madrid, April 2018

For Spanish speakers: Piccia talking about Color on the Web at WordCamp Irún, June 2018


Zuzana K

Web developer & accessibility advocate

"I watched Piccia's London Wordcamp talk and it was the highlight of the conference. I am a web developer with background in psychology and seeing psychology theories applied on the web was fascinating! Piccia's presentation has changed how I think about web design and she inspired me to learn even more about UI and UX . I would definitely recommend attending her webinars - it will be time well spent."

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