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Have you ever considered the importance of the UX of forms? This talk shows you how to create forms that your visitors will be eager to fill.

Have you ever stopped to think how important the UX of forms can be? Yes, even the most humble contact forms on your website: they are the main way we interact with our visitors. Are you sure you are creating forms that your visitors want to fill?

In this talk, delivered in Sept 2020 at my favourite WordPress meetup in the world, the London one ❤️, I explain briefly and simply a few key points to consider when creating any type of form or survey, in order to make sure your visitors will be eager to fill them. This is a neglected aspect of our online creations and yet it’s an essential one. You will find this a half-hour well spent!

Of course, you don’t need to actually be in London to take part now. So, sign up to the WordPress London meetup wherever you are in the world, and make the most of the top-quality content they churn out on a regular basis.

With many thanks to Esi Hardy for making me aware of what an inclusive form should be like. This talk only skims the surface, of course – there is much more to do in order to make a form fully inclusive. Stay tuned for more content on that!


Thursday 24 September 2020

Download the slides for this talk

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