Free UX Course

UX for everyone

A free UX course for non-designers, marketers, freelances, small agencies, content creators, and anyone who designs digital products, analogue products, experiences

Think that the UX process is only for big agencies with big clients and big budgets?

Think again!

UX research and methodology can, and even must, be part of *any* project, no matter the size. This free mini-course demystifies UX and shows you how to make it an integral part of your planning and design process. The improvement is guaranteed: for you, your clients, and your clients’ clients.

It’s possible, and I’ll show you how. In fact, you’re probably doing UX research already in some form, and you don’t even know it.

'UX For Everyone'

  • Learn what UX means and why it matters to you, too
  • Demystify the UX process, and learn how to apply it to your projects
  • Win on the web by putting the users at the centre of all your designs
  • Create user flows that make conversions easier
  • Make informed layout choices & decisions