UX for Everyone – 2

Want to speed up your design process? In that case, this is a must-watch. The follow-up to the first conversation on UX with Dickiebirds will tell you all about what happens in the UX process once all questions have been asked: flows, wireframes and content.

Interview #005 – Dickiebirds

Paul Lacey and Peter Wesołowski aka Dickiebirds were with us again on Wednesday 30 January 2019  for the second part of the interview series on ‘UX for Everyone’, hosted by Piccia Neri of Design for Geeks.

This time, we went over what happens in the UX process once all questions have been asked and all research has been made: flows, wireframes and content.

The whole point is that we believe that the UX process can – and even should – be for everyone, not just big agencies with huge clients.

Paul and Peter run the rapidly growing, award-winning Dickiebirds agency and have recently been directly involved with UX projects for major global brands, so they know the process very well.

But UX is not just for huge budgets: we all agree that UX needs demistifying, and we want to show you how you can use it, too – even if you are a small agency of one.

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Wednesday 30 January 2019

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