The UX of Copy and Content

About 95% of the internet is text, so the UX of copy is crucial to the UX of the entire product you’re creating. This interview with Andrea Zoellner will teach you how to craft microcopy in order to captivate your audience & make them love you.

Interview #007 – Andrea Zoellner

I thoroughly enjoyed talking about the ‘UX of copy and content’ with Andrea Zoellner, the VP of Marketing at Kinsta. The core topic of our conversation was, in a nutshell, how to make sure that we all try and create the best possible web for everyone. And yes, it starts from copy.

The interview is filled with good tips on copywriting in general, and on how to make sure your ‘microcopy’ (yes, it’s a thing!) gives your readers the best possible UX. Watch it, to find out how.

I met Andrea after her talk at WordCamp London 2019, which essentially explained how you cannot underestimate the importance of copy, even the tiniest little tidbits of communication on your website, because they are a crucial ingredient of good user experience. They will ultimately inform your visitor’s impression and enjoyment of your website or digital product.

During Andrea’s talk, I found myself nodding furiously all the time and frantically taking notes: to me, it was a serious contender to best talk of WCLDN 2019.

So I was delighted when Andrea accepted to talk to us geeks about the subject of the UX of copy.

Because in fact, 95% of the internet is still copy.

Don’t believe me? Try stripping your website of all the copy and see what’s left. Yes, copy is the most important ingredient of a website. And the UX of copy is crucial to the UX of the entire product you’re creating.

(it’s also something that came up during the first interview with Dickiebirds. We all agreed that copy is the most important element of UX).

This is one of the ways that copy is a crucial element of user experience: the language you use, your tone of voice, the consistency of message and delivery of it, are integral to shaping your visitor’s experience of your digital product.

Watch this interview to learn about microcopy, and how to craft it in order to captivate your ideal audience and make them love you.

Andrea Zoellner trained as a broadcast journalist and worked in corporate communications before trading it for a career in tech. She is the Chief Content Creator at SiteGround, and organiser of WordCamp Montreal.

Now, she spends her days developing brand messaging, copy editing, and blogging. When she’s not at home in Montreal, Canada, she’s sampling the digital nomad life and documenting her adventures on her travel blog
Andrea is also a frequent speaker. You can view her talks on

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Wednesday 22 May 2019

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