UX for Everyone – 3: UX optimisation

Design for Geeks in conversation with Paul Lacey for the 3rd part of the ‘UX for Everyone’ interview series: all about UX optimisation. Ask your humans!

Interview #009 – Paul Lacey

The third step in the UX process is the optimisation of user experience. And UX optimisation is a never-ending job: we can only know for sure what the people that use our websites *really* want or feel about it, only *after* we’ve asked them directly.

Our good friend Paul Lacey from the Dickiebirds agency joined Design for Geeks again today, for the third part of the ‘UX for Everyone’ interview series.

Paul and Piccia look at a real-world case study: one of Paul’s clients, Pigeon Posted, has a wonderful and totally analogue product that they sell online.

The product is so lovely and such a great idea (kinda wish I’d had it meself!), that I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what it is: just know that it’s all about old-skool communication, and how to make sure we all connect as humans.

Which is the whole point of UX in general! In total serendipity with the gist of the conversation.

How to carry out UX optimisation

Through user testing, Paul had realised that the UX of the site needed optimisation, because not all users immediately understood what the product actually worked – even though they all agreed it was beautiful and a brilliant idea.

Watch to find out how the products gets a new improvement in real time, during the interview itself!

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Wednesday 5 June 2019

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