LIVE talks

Design for Geeks' series of live conversations on all things design.

Welcome to Design for Geeks LIVE talks. In this series, Piccia Neri leads open conversations about 'live' design topics with leading industry figures: we don't talk abstract, we talk about real-life design situations and how you can learn from them.

The angle is, as ever, helping all of us deliver the best possible experience to our users, via the best possible design. Mostly we talk about digital design – but not exclusively.

Do you feel like you can  contribute to the conversation? Would you like to be our guest? Please get in touch! 

UX for Everyone

UX for everyone: a conversation with design and development agency Dickiebirds

Paul Lacey and Peter Wesołowski, aka Dickiebirds, are an award-winning WordPress & UX/UI design & development agency in the UK. They join Design for Geeks to discuss all things UX with Piccia Neri. The conversation with Paul and Peter explores the UX process, and how we believe it can – and even should – be […]

The evolution of web typography

Giulia Laco joins us to discuss The Evolution of Web Typography: from System Fonts to Variable Fonts. The second episode in the Design for Geeks LIVE talks series sees Piccia Neri in conversation with Web Designer/Developer Giulia Laco on the evolution of web typography: from the drabness of system fonts to the magical brand new […]

Leverage your SEO with stunning design

Design for Geeks LIVE Talks #001: Piccia Neri and Meg Fenn talk about how to use stunning design to leverage SEO

We’re honoured to open our Design for Geeks LIVE talks season with Meg Fenn, head of design and web and co-director of Shake It Up Creative, a design and marketing company based in Worthing, UK. Meg is skilled both as a graphic designer and as a web designer – a bit like your Design Geek […]


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