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The Typography Masterclass

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Increase conversions, improve UX & SEO, nail branding & add value to your business by mastering typography

Do you often wish you knew how to make typography both beautiful and accessible? Are you struggling to find the right typeface for clients’ projects or for yourself?

If you know me at all, you probably know that I always say that typography is one of the most important skills that you should learn if you create any kind of content.

The web these days is still 95% typography: and while I can't prove this figure, I'm sure it's a good approximation. Just look at your own website, or at Facebook for instance: it's all about text.

Design with typography: transform the way you approach any project that has words in it

So, if you want to make sure that your typography is always both beautiful and accessible, if you want to always nail your typeface pairings and branding, if you want to design with typography using a "content-first" approach – then you will simply love this typography masterclass that I ran in January 2021.

Three live sessions of around 3 hours each, packed with essential information as well as exercises.

Many of you who couldn't take part asked me to make the recordings available, so here they are.


“Piccia Neri’s Typography Masterclass was one of the most useful courses I’ve ever taken.”

Barbara Saul

Make informed typography decisions, easily and with confidence.

If you want to be able to handle any typographical choice with poise, assurance and flair, then you need to take the new and improved The Typography Masterclass.

You'll clear all your typographical doubts, and you will leave with a list of takeaways that you can apply to all your projects from now on.


“Piccia Neri’s typography wisdom is the reason the conversion rate on my landing page 4x-ed overnight. Literally.”

If you are:

  • An agency owner

  • A designer

  • A developer

  • A content creator

  • A marketer

Who needs to:

  • Write every day: emails, posts, client content

  • Supervise content created by clients

  • Build websites or anything with words in it

  • Create products that convert & sell

  • Create products that are beautiful, accessible & fast

Then you must:

  • Learn the hierarchy of content

  • Understand the psychology of fonts

  • Make sure your typography is accessible

  • Increase conversions with good typography

  • Always nail font pairings & choices

“This course is essential for everyone creating content on the web.”

In The Typography Masterclass you will learn:

  • Session 1 – The basics of typography

    Everything that you need to know about typography, in a fun and interactive way: why type matters, the difference between readability and legibility, typeface vs font, type anatomy, and more. You'll get PDF downloads as well as a workbook to keep your type knowledge agile and fit.
    (delivered live on Monday 11 January 2021)

  • Session 2 – Designing with typography: choosing & pairing typefaces

    This is where the fun began. In this session I showed you my techniques on how to choose typefaces and pair them, working on a real brief brought by one of our students.
    (delivered live on Monday 18 January 2021)

  • Session 3 – Designing with typography: hierarchy & styling

    Choosing and pairing the right typefaces for your projects is only a fraction of the work. You need to know how to create hierarchy in a semantically correct way that will help your SEO as well as your accessibility. Styling is by no means just about aesthetics! And writing is indeed designing: content dictates design. We designed a page using just a chunk of text, weights, styles and ONE colour.
    (delivered live on Monday 25 January 2021)

The Typography Masterclass includes:

  • 3x workshop sessions

    We met three times and we got a lot done! Be prepared to dig in.

  • Real work done on a real project

    We worked on a live project brought by one of the students, so we solved real problems and not theoretical ones.

  • The Typography 101 course

    Yes, with your purchase you also get Typography 101: a short but perfectly formed typography course that will make sure you have quick access to the essentials of typography.

  • PDF cheatsheets, workbooks & slides

    Practical resources to take away and use as reference as well as helpful companions to the class.

  • Access to all recordings & materials for the lifetime of the project

    Anything that happened in the workshop was recorded and accessible to all ticket holders.

“I’ve heard Piccia teach on stage and in webinars, and each time my mind is blown.”

Dave Foy Design Build Web
Piccia Neri on stage at WordCamp Brighton 2018
Piccia Neri on stage at WordCamp Brighton 2018

But who am I to teach you about typography?

Enroll in the masterclass for $197
(or $57x4)

  • Session 1 – The basics of typography
  • Session 2 – Designing with typography: choosing & pairing typefaces
  • Session 3 – Designing with typography: hierarchy & styling
  • PDF cheatsheets, workbooks & slides
  • Access to all recordings & materials for the lifetime of the project
  • All for $197USD: A bargain that will never be repeated

    Any following live masterclass will be sold at a much higher price. This was the first, happy experiment!

Your questions, answered:

“Thanks to Piccia’s knowledge and advice on typography, my websites have hugely improved”

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