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UX for Everyone

Your blueprint to increase conversions exponentially, change your mindset, elevate your business and create recurring revenue without hiring a UX team or buying any new tools

Whether you're a developer who also designs websites, or a designer for print turned to the web like me, you probably struggle to understand how to refine the design process, build a great experience and get high conversions on the websites you create.

What usually happens when you start a new project is that, after you've managed to get relevant content from your client, you build a best-practice, fast, technically sound website and then you cross your fingers that it converts.

Your design process has no real system to it and it's based mostly on style guesses or personal preference.

When you can, you persuade the client to get on a maintenance plan. And more often than not, you never really speak to your client again unless something happens to the website.

Deep down, you know that this is little more than a brochure website. You're guessing at the best designs and the website looks good, but there is something missing.

So you wish you could create something more effective, well-designed and above all, that is focussed and drives more conversions by leading the visitor by the hand: giving them a good experience, while getting them where you want them: the sale.

You've heard about UX, but you're not sure whether it's the right tool to help you.

You also wouldn't know where to start from – and you're worried that as small agency or a freelance, you won't be able to carry out the UX process.

Sound familiar?

The problem with this scenario is that it doesn't differentiate you enough as a pro from the 'cousin' who can build websites; a $200 design on Fiverr; or from a pretty ready-made template at a fraction of the price.

It also means that your design process is unfocussed and often way too messy.

And even more importantly, once you launch the website you have no idea whether it will hit the sweet spot with its audience or not.

How could you? No one asked them! You cannot know what they want.

Moreover, you probably have had to wrestle with client requests such as 'make the logo bigger', 'make that button red', 'use that kitten photo', and other demands based largely on individual taste, which you know are doing no good to the final product – but you don't know how to explain that to your client.

What you need in order to make a real difference to your clients, get more projects on board, increase conversions, speed up your process, elevate your business and create recurring revenue, is to craft the users' experience by implementing a reliable, easy-to-use blueprint that shifts the focus on the humans using your products.

So, are you ready to transform your business?

Buzzing to speed up your process, increase conversions & make more money?

Without having to hire a UX consultant or buy any expensive tools...

For the cost of just one or two hours of a UX pro's time, I can give you a UX blueprint that will be yours from now.

What is UX?

If the letters 'UX' make you think about Apple's headquarters at Cupertino, or Airbnb's main offices swarming with bearded hipsters in lumberjack shirts, with huge teams of UX pros with UX-specific university degrees, working night and day at increasing conversions thanks to huge teams of researchers, usability testers and developers...

Well, you need to know that my own scenario is completely different, and it doesn't feature any UX degrees, black polo necks, hats worn indoors or expensive, large teams.

UX stands for User Experience, and it's a process centred around the humans using your products.

It's the art of creating products that you *know* your customers actually want, because you've actually asked them.

It's a user-centric design process that improves sales by using empathy and real data.

And you can use it, too. Without hiring a large team or wearing silly clothes and styled facial hair.

The best websites & apps get 3 main things right:

the look

Conveying information in a clear manner, while inspiring credibility and trust;

the feel

When it's a pleasure to interact with the product and get to the final goal;

the usability

A product that works well and is and easy to use.

When you get these 3 elements right, you can drive insane sales and conversions.

And you can learn how, with the UX For Everyone blueprint.

How this applies to you:

Maybe you think that the UX process is only for those large teams in Silicon Valley that we were talking about. But you should think again!

I used to be like you: worried that I could never apply the UX process to my clients and projects, because I am a small agency without huge resources.

But then I realised that UX is absolutely vital to creating websites, apps and products that people actually enjoy and want to use.

Why? Because instead of focussing just on what the client wants, it shifts the focus on the user.

This simple, but crucial mindset shift always revolutionises the impact of what you build.

Sounds great, but how?

Easy: Instead of fumbling in the dark or choosing layouts, colours and images just because of someone's personal preference, you design with the human being who's going to use your products firmly in your mind.

Guess what? The design phase is halved in both time and effort: decisions become incredibly easy to make.

Copy is much easier to write, because you know exactly who you are writing for and what they want.

The inevitable consequence: those humans will buy more. Conversions will shoot through the roof.

I knew all this, so I asked myself: can this be achievable just for big teams?

No, of course not. UX is a process that is available to everyone.

So I set off to create my own UX process: perfect for a tiny team – even a team of one – working with small and medium clients who might have heard of UX, but think they’ll never get it.

Because UX research and methodology can, and even must, be part of *any* project, no matter the size. Once you learn how to apply the UX blueprint, you will breeze through projects, in total confidence that you are building something that the audience wants.

The cherries on the cake

And that's not all. First of all, the UX blueprint is a new product that you can sell to your clients, elevating your game and making yourself stand tall in the current crowd of page builders and cheap frameworks.

But this cake has more than one cherry!

The UX blueprint is also a workflow: a framework that you can follow and that will help you systemise your projects – and your business.

The post-launch optimisation phase that you'll learn about is a fantastic recurring revenue opportunity. UX is precisely about this: tweaking and improving based on real data and on what customers really want, rather than wild guesses pre-launch. This makes the launch phase quicker, and gives you the chance to offer your clients an on-going service. They'll be more than happy to give you money when they see the results!

You will also make considerable savings, by working out the needs of all users beforehand: correcting mistakes in development or, god forbid, after launch is much more expensive than planning things out properly.

Last but not least: when you start applying the UX technique of empathy to your own prospects, you will be rewarded with a flurry of signed contracts. How? Because you learn how to be a good listener and put your clients' needs first.

That Web Place

Ren Kessler

"This course has opened my eyes in a way that no one has done during my 30 years in business.  It is not just UI.  Everything is UX, of which UI is only a part. I had several “ah-ha” moments. Your concepts of “empathy” and “plan before style” are just what I needed to hear. 

I have used your concepts and landed several new jobs right away.

I now feel so much better equipped to give a positive experience on my site and in my process, so I can give my client’s customers a better experience on their sites. Frankly, I got more valuable information in your short course than I did from another course costing 25 times your price.

I am excited for the first time in a year."

Want to maximise conversions? Start from UX. 

UX is the art of learning how to give the humans who use your products what they really want.

  • Applying a solid UX blueprint to your projects will speed them up (yes!)
  • It will prevent costly mistakes in the development phase or after launch
  • It will give you one more product to sell as an extra to your clients
  • It will position you as an expert
  • It will give you recurring revenue opportunities with optimisation
  • It will win you more jobs, because you'll learn how to be a better listener to your clients' challenges

The UX Blueprint is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself from amateur designers and ready-made templates – and revolutionise your business.

But who on earth is this person and why does she think she can teach me UX?

I'm Piccia Neri, and with the UX FOR EVERYONE BLUEPRINT I'm about to show you how to revolutionise your business with user-centred design.

I have an academic background in art, but life waylaid me and I have been a practicing designer for over 2 decades instead. And I want to help people who, like me, were not trained as designers, but still want to design the best websites they possibly could.

I've worked with major cultural institutions and news publications as well as top London agencies on global brands. I had a lot of fun when I was leading the creative direction of the design department at the British Film Institute, London. I was also vice-president of the Chartered Society of Designers (UK) 2013-16. I've been a book designer, an editorial designer, a corporate designer, a branding expert and a pure creative and image-maker.

Now I run my own global web, UX & design consultancy agency and I speak internationally on design topics, in 3 languages.

Does it all sound impressive?

Well you should know that I have done and still do all of this, while suffering from huge imposter syndromebecause I was not a trained designer. 

After years and years of working with household names such as Channel 4, The Sunday Times Magazine, National Gallery, Tate Gallery, Shell, etc, enough name-dropping already, I started to feel that maybe I had now earned my designer stars on the field. So the imposter syndrome abated somewhat.

Then I moved to the web. And it was full-on imposter syndrome all over again! Who was I to design on the web? I knew nothing about it!

I had to learn everything from the start: HTML, CSS, a bit of JS and PHP – but more than the coding, I started realising that the way I had been designing thus far had to change radically.

It wasn't about being creative anymore: it was all about the people using my digital products. And I also realised that there were many others in my position.

So I started Design for Geeks in order to help developers, techies, marketers, designers for print and geeks in general who may not have a design or web background, but who want to learn how to design great websites that convert, by making their visitors happy.

A couple of little-known factoids: I am a certified inline-skating instructor and a certified teacher of English as a foreign language. I've taught terrified adults who'd never been on wheels how to successfully skate downhill in the first lesson, and I took angst-ridden teenagers from obstinate mutism into having proper conversations in a completely new language.

So I feel more than confident that I am going to get you to transform your mindset and turn around your business, with the UX For Everyone Blueprint.

This course is the first full course I'm offering – and it had to be about UX. Because without user experience design, you don't have a website. And here's me on stage at WordCamp London this year, talking about UX for Everyone.

Piccia Neri on stage at WordCamp Brighton 2018
Piccia Neri on stage at WordCamp Brighton 2018


UX for Everyone

The UX Blueprint

UX FOR EVERYONE is an online course for higher-achieving website builders who want to change their mindset and revolutionise their business by leveraging the power of user experience design.

Over the course of seven modules, I'll lead you all the way from a basic definition of UX, to implementing the full UX for Everyone blueprint in your own business.

We will go in-depth in each of the UX blueprint phases, in easily digestible episodes that will give you practical and immediately actionable processes and tips.

Each video will contain several epiphanies that will lead you to a better practice and above all, an easier, more aware, faster product design process.

Over the course of the journey, you'll realise how applying the UX blueprint truly is the gateway to a great business: for you as well as your clients. Because everything is experience. And you'll be able to generate extra income thanks to the UX blueprint, as well as driving conversions where you want them.

Clients will be happy to pay more for a beautiful AND highly converting website designed by a pro who listens, than for a beautiful but static brochure website!
Dave Foy
Design Build Web
Dave Foy

"I've heard Piccia teach UX principles on stage and in webinars, and each time my mind is blown.
Good UX is absolutely vital for everyone to understand, and it's a definable process that anyone can follow - it's NOT just for experts.
Piccia's brilliant UX For Everyone course takes you step-by step through the entire process of designing websites with the user experience in mind, bringing better results, happier customers, happier clients, and an additional service you can charge for. It'll change the way you design websites and user experiences forever.

Run to enroll while she's still offering it at this stupidly low price!"

Design Build Web

The 7 modules

Here's what you'll learn with the UX for Everyone Blueprint course

Module 1

Intro to UX

What UX is, why it matters, and how it will make you stand out from the crowd and make a real difference to your clients.

  • Intro and definition of UX
  • UX in real life and on the web
  • Benchmarks of good UX
  • Resources downloads
Module 2

Human-centred design

Win on the web by gaining a grasp of why humans do what they do when they land on your pages. Be a better product designer, and overall human being, by walking a mile in your users’ shoes. Which will also allow you, and your clients, to make more money.

  • Defining empathy
  • Types of empathy
  • Defining Human-Centred Design
  • Principles of Human-Centred Design
  • The Emotional System
  • Resources downloads
Module 3

The UX Blueprint

A bird’s eye view on the small-agency/ one-person-band version of the UX Blueprint, its elements and phases.

  • Design Thinking and its 5 phases
  • Blending Design Thinking in with the 3 phases of the UX Blueprint
  • The Blueprint at a glance
  • The elements of a UX project
Module 4

Phase 1: research

The crucial part. This is where you exercise empathy and work out scope and strategy: all these form the basis of the rest. Well-conducted research will speed up your production process massively, so let’s get this right. UX is a time-saver! This is where it all gets real (and yes, you can still do it in a day).

  • Where to start: how to avoid overwhelm and build a cast-iron process instead
  • Building interview scripts: Stakeholders, employees, users
  • Competitive analysis
  • User personas
  • The small agency model: how to streamline the process
  • Resources downloads
Module 5

Phase 2: design

How to translate the findings from the research phase into an actual product that works. With well-done research, this is the easiest part.

  • Information architecture
  • Sitemaps
  • User flows/ journeys
  • Wireframes and prototypes
  • Making it all work in the small agency context: the messy reality of real-world design
  • Resources downloads
Bonus Module

Best UI practice

While the course doesn't cover interface design (the next one will!), I will of course give you an understanding of best UI practices. However, rest assured that once you follow the blueprint, the UI will usually naturally flow.

  • Basic colour practice
  • Safe typography tips
  • Layout tips and tricks
  • Images and illustrations
Module 6

Phase 3: Validation

This is where it gets fun. And so unlike traditional design! Test with your users and find out what they *really* want. Plus: create recurring revenue for your business with indispensable on-going optimisation. And it's much easier that you think.

  • Test before you deploy. Then deploy. Then test. Then deploy again…
  • User testing: techniques and tools
  • Heat maps / Analytics
  • Evidence-based optimisation
  • How to create recurring revenue with on-going optimisation 
Module 7

The UX of Copy

Copy is still 95% of the internet! It plays a very important role in user experience, and it has a direct impact on your branding and your marketing, too – i.e. SALES.

  • Why copy is important
  • Writing with empathy
  • Copy style guides
  • Microcopy

All that you get with your course

I've taken countless online courses, and the best ones have been those that have offered live support and extra live content, as well as a thriving community, implementing change on the go. So here's what you get when you sign up to the UX for Everyone Blueprint course:

8 group coaching calls

8 group coaching calls with specialist guests on specific subjects. For instance, on 19th Sept we'll have Imogen Allen talking to us about the customer journey – a crucial part of UX, on and off-line. Other coaching calls will deal with specific issues raised in the Facebook group or Slack channel.

Weekly hangouts

Every week, usually on a Thursday, there is an open Zoom room where we can all hang out, ask questions, present issues, ask for help and provide feedback or requests. This is completely informal but also a great platform to get to know one another and make sure you get the most out of the course. Alternating times so that all world time zones get the spotlight! 

Private FB group

Obviously, our own private club within Facebook where we can all hang out and help each other out. We can carry on the conversations started in the coaching calls, and ask questions at any time of day or night. There's nothing like community to help improve knowledge.

Private Slack workspace

If you don't use Slack, it's not UX! Our own workspace where we can talk about absolutely everything that relates to the course, as well as ask questions, submit issues, get to know each other.

Editable Templates

Interview templates, questionnaires, user flows and more, all in editable format for you to adapt to your brand. These are essential tools that will allow you to carry out the UX blueprint with ease and flair.

All future updates

Of course, the course is yours to keep, and you'll have access to the course dashboard and all materials 24/7 from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


SiteGround discount

Exclusively for UX for everyone students, a special one month free hosting promo. Ideal for a new project or a start-up client! We're proud and happy that SiteGround decided to support Design for Geeks: they are a great hosting company, and good hosting is of paramount importance for good UX.

Who this course is for:

This course is aimed specifically at those who want to revolutionise their business by adopting the UX Blueprint: without a team, or with a small team. 
  • Developers who design & want a process & more conversions
  • Designers moving from analogue to digital
  • Non-designers who create digital products
  • Marketers who want user-centric, empathic sales
  • Lone wolf web designers & developers who want to stand out
  • Small web agencies who want to elevate their game & improve their process
  • Content creators who build user journeys and experiences

Who this course is NOT for:

If you want to become a UX pro with a specific profile, within a large team and working on large projects with large budgets, then this course is not for you.

This is the UX Blueprint I adapted and devised for my own purposes as a small agency with a small team (or sometimes no team), and I’m now sharing it with the world.

Chris Castillo
Propel Digital Media Solutions
Chris Castillo

"Piccia is such an expert in design and UX principles, and I think she must have been a teacher in another life. She does an absolutely phenomenal job of communicating the concepts in such a clear and concise manner. From all of the online courses I've taken, this was one of the easiest courses to get through. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get clear on a design process centered around user experience. It will teach you exactly why user experience is so important and, more importantly, how to empathize with the user to deliver a better experience!"

Chris Castillo
Propel Digital Media Solutions

Are you ready to up your game with the UX For Everyone Blueprint?

I have conceived the UX for Everyone Blueprint as a solid, scalable framework and workflow that will transform the way you approach any design project (yes, even off-line ones). You will always be leading your visitors by the hand, even when you build a simple one-page website. This mentality shift will reward you in conversions, and in more ways than you imagine.

You will never feel like a fraud again when someone talks about user experience design, thinking that you'll never know exactly what it means, let alone be able to deliver it. You will be able to confidently up your game, gain more clients, speed up your process, increase conversions, create recurring revenue – and make both your customers and their customers happier. 

The investment:

$497 $367

Or 4 easy instalments of $97.

Enroll today!

The first course module will be published by 7 August. 

You will be able to log in to the course immediately: what you will find there, as a present from me to you, is the 'UX for Everyone' mini-course (currently selling at $57), in order to get you warmed up for the big course.

This is what you'll get with the UX for Everyone Blueprint course:

All-time benefits:

*DISCOUNT*: One free month with SiteGround
7 video modules with resources & exercises
The UX for Everyone foundational mini-course
Transform your project delivery
Increase conversions and sales for your clients
Get more clients for your business by becoming a better listener
Win on the web by putting the users at the centre of all your designs
The UX Blueprint as a product: a tangible upsell to bring heaps more value to your clients
Systemise & speed up your design process thanks to the UX Blueprint
Deeper delve into how to create and research personas
Visual flows and layouts that lead the users where you want them
Recurring revenue opportunity with on-going optimisation
Gauging budget, expectations, & scaling UX
The UX of copy (95% of the internet is text!)
White label editable doc templates
All future updates
8 coaching calls
Private Facebook group

Transform your  business at a great price

Enroll today!

Kyle Van Deusen from Ogal Web
Ogal Web Design
Kyle Van Deusen

"As someone in the design field for the majority of their life, I wasn't quite sure what this course might bring that I hadn't come across at some point. Boy was I wrong! Piccia's UX for Everyone course gave me an entire new lens to see the world in! It's completely shifted my mindset when approaching the planning, designing, and testing of each and every task I take on. I highly recommend UX for Everyone to anyone looking to create more user-focused designs that help you outshine your competition at every step. No matter you level of skill, knowledge, or background— this course will absolutely change the way you look at and approach design challenges! Piccia does an amazing job at putting a spotlight on things you might have not considered before— in the best way possible.

Ogal Web Design

You know it makes sense...

Enroll today!

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