UX and UI review

The UX and UI review takes place every last Wednesday of the month.

It is broadcast on the Design for Geeks Facebook page and shared to the Design for Geeks group.

A recording will be available later in the group, on the page, on the Design for Geeks YouTube channel and on this website. So make sure that you are ok with your design being featured online!

Your website will be reviewed over the course of an hour together with other websites. You will receive helpful and immediately actionable tips.

I usually prefer to look at websites with fresh eyes, so I don’t look at them prior to the session. However, if there is a specific aspect you want me to look at, please give me any relevant information in the text field in the form.

For instance, if you think the user journey might need improvement, then I would need to know who the target audience is, what their problem is, how you are solving it, and where you want to lead them… etc

I do this for free, so if you would like to do something in return you could like the Design for Geeks Facebook page if you haven't already, and/ or subscribe to the Design for Geeks YouTube channel – with many thanks.

  • When you complete this form, you will receive a series of emails that will enable us to provide you with essential information on the review you've requested. When you submit your request you give us your consent to do this.

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