Mastering Client Communication

The importance of simplifying client communications for better results

Mastering Client Communication Through Efficient Feedback Collection

In this webinar, Cloudways Mavericks meet Vito Peleg  – Founder & CEO at WP FeedBack  – who will explain the importance of simplifying client communications and preventing scope creep during a particular project.

Vito has plenty of actionable strategies to share on managing various types of projects and best-practices to prevent misunderstandings and communication gaps between two parties.

Along the way, Vito will also give a demo of his WP FeedBack tool, which he believes is an innovative approach to collecting feedback from clients.

In particular, you will learn:

  • Avoid misunderstandings when talking to clients
  • Easy project delivery without endless re-iterations and change requests
  • How to prevent scope creep
  • Smooth project delivery through transparent communication
  • A walkthrough of the WP FeedBack plugin
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