WP Builds LIVE – UX and UI audit with Piccia Neri

A detailed UI/UX review of five very specialised websites, from web hosting to luxury charter

Frustrated with a website that doesn’t work as it should?

Head this URL to find out more: https://links.wpbuilds.com/ui-ux

The course can be found here: https://wpbuilds.com/link/ux4everyone/

Worried that a lack of a proper UX process means your product doesn’t convert as you’d like it to?

No time or budget for user testing or formal audits to dig out the issues?

Help is at hand!

A LIVE audit of your website – now that’s a fun idea!

Sometimes there is no need to dive too deep to work out what the problem is.

Sometimes all that is needed is a good, frank look at the UI – which is where UX issues show up. Want to radically transform a website’s sluggish performance?

Or perhaps you have a project you’re working on and you want to make sure you do the best for it?

Piccia Neri’s UI/UX review of your website, today’s reviews

Divine Aesthetic, digital marketing and web design

Connecticut Headshot, headshot photographer

WP NOISE, managed WordPress hosting

Xenia Charters, luxury catamaran charter

Green Been, moving boxes to rent


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