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The home of graphic design tutorials for developers, geeks, techies and marketers with no formal design training. By Piccia Neri.


This is the home of design guidance, training and support for geeks, techies, developers, marketers, web design business owners and anyone else who is not a trained designer but needs to get on with designing web pages and other things on a daily basis.


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Umbrella Digital Media
Imogen Allen

"Piccia is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to design. I saw Piccia’s "UI That Rocks" presentation at WordCamp London 2018 and was blown away by her interpretation and application of the Gestalt theory to design principles. If you are looking to learn about UI design, whether you are a developer or a designer looking to improve your own skills, then the Design for Geeks courses come highly recommended!"

Sell Your Service
Michael Killen

"Piccia is constantly improving our optin rates and clicks through her UX focused design. In fact, her presentations are so good that I've paid her to present her content to my coaching clients. Piccia focuses on results, rather than just making things look pretty. For me as a marketer who builds a lot of sales and landing pages, her advice has been invaluable. I definitely recommend you up your design game and sign up to the Design for Geeks' webinars and courses."

Dickiebird Studio
Paul Lacey

"Piccia has an amazing style of presenting ideas. If you want to strengthen your fundamentals around UI, and open your mind to how people think about what they see and how they interact, then I recommend attending the "UI that ROCKS" webinar –and any other of the Design for Geeks courses and talks– when the opportunity presents itself."

Agency Trailblazer
Lee Jackson

"Piccia Neri of Design for Geeks is one of my "go to" experts for design advice. She is able to explain design principles in a way that I can quickly understand and apply to my own and client brands. She's the real deal!"