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Typography is an essential element of good UX. Check your knowledge out with our quiz

The Design for Geeks’ mission is to bridge the gap between developers, marketers and designers, so good design and UX become second nature as we work together.

Design for Geeks is the home of design and UX guidance, training and support for geeks, techies, developers, marketers, web design business owners and anyone else who is not a trained designer but needs to get on with designing web pages, apps and marketing materials on a daily basis.


“Piccia Neri’s typography wisdom is the reason the conversion rate on my landing page 4x-ed overnight. Literally.”

“I highly recommend UX Made Easy to anyone looking to create more user-focused designs that help you outshine your competition at every step.”

“I've heard Piccia teach on stage and in webinars, and each time my mind is blown.”

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